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Setting up your Online Account

Your Chester-le-Street ASC Account gives you easy access to the information we hold about your swimmers, lets you pay your monthly fees by Direct Debit and gives you the ability to easily your swimmers into a gala.

Setting up your personal account couldn’t be easier. You will only need one account to handle all of your swimmers.

Head to in your web browser. You can also get there by clicking “My Account” in the main menu bar of our website. Once you’re there, click on “Create an Account”.

Here we’ll ask you some questions to get your parent account set up. We ask for the minimum amount of information possible, and your email and contact numbers to ensure we can contact you in an emergency, but also to give you the latest news.

Once you’ve filled out these details, we’ll log you in. We’re now ready to add your swimmers. To do this you’ll need the ASA Number and Access Key for each of your swimmers to hand. You may know your swimmer’s ASA Number already, but you’ll need to ask us for their Access Key. This is to ensure only you can add a swimmer to your account.

Note that if you’ve received these details in an email, you may be able to just follow a link to add your swimmers in one easy step!

Adding your swimmers is simple. Just enter their ASA Number and Access Key. Then press “Add Swimmer”. That’s it. You’re done.

To add more swimmers, head to “My Account”, then click “Add a Swimmer”.

If you have any further questions, please contact

Security Note

When you add a swimmer to your account, we’ll generate a new Access Key for them. That way nobody else will be able to use the key given to you to add your child to their account. If someone gets the new key, they will be able to add your swimmer. This will disconnect that swimmer from your account.

Why does my Swim England Number start with CLS or CLSX?

If we don’t yet have an Swim England Number for a swimmer, we store a number which can be used in place of an Swim England Number in our system so that you can still add your swimmer to your account. This might look something like CLSX4301. This is an internal membership number used only by Chester-le-Street ASC/SCDS systems.

Contact for your Access Key(s) or other details