Information: New to Competitive Swimming

If you are new to competitive swimming, then this page has been developed to help you on your way.

Why Compete?

The world of competitive swimming may seem daunting at first, but armed with the right information you’ll soon get to grips with it all; and before you know it, “PBs” and “DQs” will no longer seem like hieroglyphics!

At Chester-le-Street ASC, we encourage our swimmers to compete from an early age because it:

  • lets you see how much progress you’ve made
  • lets you put into practice what you have been learning in training
  • gives you the opportunity to improve your personal best (PB) times
  • helps develop team spirit
  • allows you to meet new people
  • is FUN!

The following guides and info packs are designed to give swimmers (and parents) an insight into how to enter competitions, what to take and what to expect on the day.

However, remember our coaches are available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have, so please speak to them if you need any further information or are worried about anything.


Occasionally, a swimmer may get disqualified from their race. Don’t worry – this is nothing to get disheartened about, as believe us it happens to everyone at sometime!

The important thing is to learn where you might have gone wrong and your coach will help you with this.

There are several “technical” reasons for disqualification, which could be related to your start, turn or your stroke itself. This guide lists the reasons for disqualification.

Team Kit

We expect swimmers to attend competitions in team kit, which can be purchased from our Club Shop.

Orders can be placed by completing an order form, which is available for download or can be obtained from our Friday night swim shop. Please speak to Lianne Pye or Fiona Heppell to place any orders.

Please be aware that we only hold limited stock and therefore it may take up to two weeks to receive your order. Personalised items may take slightly longer.

Any other items such as goggles, swimwear, bags etc can be purchased from our gala sponsor NESS swimwear, who are currently offering a 5% discount on all purchases made online with a 5% commission going directly to the club. Use the offer code ‘CHLEST711′ at the checkout to receive your discount.

Ten Commandments for Swimming Parents

Children compete in sport for many reasons, but the main reason is because it’s FUN!

However, Its often all too easy for parents of talented youngsters to get carried away in the midst of their child’s blossoming success.

We think Rose Snyder (US Swimming) has hit the nail right on the head with her list of Ten Commandments for Swimming Parents, I’m sure we can all relate to at least some of these and something to think about…

Ten Commandments for Swimming Parents