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Managing squads and training sessions

You must add at least one squad to the membership system before you can add a swimmer.

Adding a squad

To add a squad, select Squads from the Swimmers & Squads Menu. You’ll be shown a screen listing all squads. Head to the bottom of this screen and press a button marked Add a Squad.

You’ll be asked to provide the name of the squad, its monthly fee, coach etc.

If a squad has a timetable published on your website, enter that URL in the Squad timetable field.

To assign a Code of Conduct to a squad, select it from the dropdown menu. To find out how to create a code of conduct, follow the instructions for using posts.

Adding venues

Before you can add a session for a squad, you must add a venue.

To do so, select Registers and then Manage Venues and follow the onscreen instructions to add a venue.

Adding sessions

In order to take a register for a squad, you need to add sessions. Select Registers then Manage Sessions from the menu.

On this page select a squad and then enter the required information to add a session.

Editing sessions

You can’t change a session once you have added it because this would change details shown in the attendance records. Instead you can change its end date – The date after which the session stops being shown as an option on registers.

Once you’ve done this, add a new session.