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Upcoming Galas

Warm up Times for the Tynemouth ASC Spring Gala

Warm up and session start times for this weekend’s Tynemouth Spring Gala. Session 1 Warm up 09:30 Session Start 10:30 Session 2 Warm up 13:00 Session Start 14:00 Session 3 Warm up 09:00 Session Start 10:00 Session 4 Warm up…

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Tynemouth Spring Gala Accepted Entries

CLS ASC Entries

Accepted entries for the Gateshead and Whickham Spring Meet 2018

Accepted entries for the 2018 Gateshead and Whickham Spring Meet; All Accepted Entries Chester-le-Street ASC Accepted Entries

Northumberland and Durham Teams – Draft Programme

Here is the draft programme for the Northumberland and Durham County Teams event this weekend. Draft Programme Warm up schedule Session 1 Warm up 08:00 Start 09:00 Session 2 Warm up 13:00 Start 14:00

Accepted and Rejected Entries for the Sunderland National Qualifier

Accepted and Rejected entries for the Sunderland National Qualifier. Rejected Entries Accepted Entries

Durham Valentine Gala Warmup Times

The warmup for sessions at the Durham Valentine Gala are at; Saturday Morning – 09:00 Saturday Afternoon – 12:15 Sunday Morning – 09:00 Sunday Afternoon – 12:45

Accepted Entries for Middlesbrough Gala

Accepted entries for the Middlesbrough ASC Gala in February. Chester-le-Street Accepted Entries All Accepted Entries

Swimmers selected for the Northumberland and Durham Team Championships

Swimmers in the list below have been selected for the Northumberland and Durham Team Championships, which will be held at Sunderland Aquatic Centre on 10 March. Swimmers will be required to wear their red Chester-le-Street ASC hats and must also…

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Parking at the Northumberland and Durham County Championships

Please be aware that Sunderland Amateur Football Club are playing at home on Saturday 3 February 2018, the first day of the Northumberland and Durham County Championships. This will mean that there is no parking at the Sunderland Aquatics Centre…

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Accepted Entries for the Durham Valentine Gala

All entries for the Durham City Valentine Gala have been accepted. Accepted Entries for Durham Valentine Gala