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Junior League 2019

Chester-le-Street ASC will compete at three pools in the heats of the 2019 junior league, on three of the following four dates.

  1. Bllingham Forum, 20/01/2019
  2. Louisa Centre, 10/03/2019
  3. Freeman’s Quay, 31/03/2019 (Chester-le-Street ASC will not be competing at this gala)
  4. Louisa Centre, 30/06/2019

The final will be held at Tynemouth Pool on 15/09/2019.

Coaches will carry out their own Junior League training where necessary within their own squads and team selection will be announced (on noticeboards and website) approximately two weeks before each round along with time schedules and team bus depature times.

Please note that team selection may vary between rounds. Team selection will be based on speed, technique and weekly attendance.

Should a swimmer not be chosen please do not take this as a negative and if you feel you need clarification, please do not hesitate to approach a coach.

All swimmers will be expected to compete in a Chester-le-Street ASC club hat and wear club t-shirts poolside.


Transport is by bus from the Red Lion pub, close to Chester-le-Street Leisure Centre. Swimmers must travel to the competition on the coach provided by the club. The coach will leave at 07:50, but please arrive before 07:45 so that we can depart on time.

Junior League Team

The team for gala 1 at Billingham is as follows;

  • Alexander Rice
  • Amelia Kelsey
  • Beau Gritton
  • Ben Palmer
  • Charles Simpson
  • Chloe McCarthy
  • Corben Hall
  • Eryna Creighton
  • Faye Watson
  • Finlay Barton
  • Gabriel Eccleston
  • Grace Jackson
  • Grace Wilcock
  • Holly Bodinner
  • Jayden Bell
  • Jess Sowerby
  • Jessica Sowerby
  • Joe Foster
  • Katie Palmer
  • Layton Lavelle
  • Logan Carr
  • Lucy Couling
  • Lucy Reed
  • Luke Turnbull
  • Lyla Hornsby
  • Natasha Rice
  • Oliver Dodsworth
  • Olly Hilton
  • Sam Parker
  • Sophie Angus
  • Zahra Turnbull

Age Category Rule Changes for 2019

At the Junior League AGM ahead of the 2019 league, it was decided that divisions 2 and 3 all age groups will be age at 31 December. For Division 1, which Chester-le-Street ASC are in, the 9 years age group is age at 24 November, all other age groups are age at 31 December.