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You can now pay by card for gala entries


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We’re very pleased to announce that you can now pay for your gala entries by credit or debit card.

To pay simply log into your club membership account and under the galas menu select pay for entries. You’ll be presented with a page where you can select which entries you would like to pay for – you can pay for any number of entries in one go, saving you time.

We accept all major card networks including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. If you have a supported device, you’ll also be able to use a mobile wallet such as Apple Pay or Google Pay which offer increased security and a much faster payment experience*.

We will save your card details** to help make future payments faster. When refunds are made for rejections, they will be paid straight back to the card you used for payment.

If you have any questions about paying by card, please contact

* From 14 September 2019 new EU regulations will require additional authentication for some card payments. Services such as Apple Pay or Google Pay already support payment flows with a built-in layer of authentication (biometric or password).

** Details are tokenised so Chester-le-Street ASC will never see your card details. Details will not be saved for wallet transactions such as those using Apple Pay.

From September if you haven’t paid for a gala before the Gala Coordinator sends the entries to the gala host, your fees will be added to your monthly direct debit payment unless you have opted out.