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Parents can now sign up to pay monthly fees by Direct Debit


- Notices

Throughout the year we’ve been working on a Direct Debit payment system to automate the collection of payments and are now starting to move all parents over to this new system. From Feburary 2019 direct debit will be the only way to pay your squad fees.

You can optionally choose to sign up to pay by direct debit now, or can wait to do it as part of Membership Renewal for 2019 (which is open until 24 January 2019). You will be charged by direct debit from the next calendar month after signing up.

If you sign up to pay by direct debit, please remember to cancel your standing order after you have paid for the current calendar month.

Options will remain available to pay your squad fees by other methods, such as standing order, cash or cheque, however these methods will incur a £3 processing fee from February 2019.