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Swimmers for Junior League 2018 Gala 2 at Haven Point


- Junior League

The swimmers listed below will be representing Chester-le-Street ASC at the second round of the Junior League 2018. (Note that the second round is our first gala)

Swimmers must travel to the competition at Haven Point, South Shield, on the coach provided by the club. The bus for the Junior League will be leaving at 10:45 from the Red Lion pub, close to Chester-le-Street Leisure Centre.

Please ensure that you arrive before this time, so that we can leave on time.

All swimmers will need to wear their red Chester-le-Street ASC t-shirts when poolside and must also wear red Chester-le-Street ASC hats when swimming.

  • Ethan Wray
  • Logan Carr
  • Jayden Ledger
  • Oliver Tones
  • Alex Pearson
  • Isobel Ormorege
  • Zahra Turnbull
  • Sophie Angus
  • Chloe McCarthy
  • Alex Clark
  • Keiren Riddell
  • Alexander Rice
  • Adam Nichol
  • Mina Gibson-Lee
  • Jessica Sowerby
  • Lucy Reed
  • Eryna Creighton
  • Luke Turnbull
  • Charles Simpson
  • Scott Owen
  • Oliver McKee
  • Faith Omorege
  • Katie Palmer
  • Natasha Rice
  • Holly Bodinner
  • Brandon Pye
  • Zach Larsen
  • Jamie McCormick
  • Simon McKim
  • Lauren Heppell
  • Lydia Hall
  • Amiee Latham

Visit our Junior League 2018 page for more information.