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SD Squads Team Building Session


- Notices

We are pleased to confirm arrangements for the above event for those SD swimmers who have gallantly signed up! Places are still available (24 Sept 2016).

The event will take place at the Air Trail at the Tees Barrage Activity Centre, which looks like it will be a fantastic (albeit nerve wracking) adventure for our younger members.

The session will last 1 hour starting at 4.30pm. Please can we ask that all participants arrive 30 mins before the start time to get kitted out and briefed.

The event will be subsidised by the club to £5.00 per person, payable by Friday 9 September 2016.

The Air Trail Adventure

Set over 4 levels, over 38 unique challenges await our brave little Air Trailers. There’s something for everyone; with an assortment of wobbly rope bridges, troublesome tight ropes, crazy cargo nets and swinging stepping stones, all floating high above the River Tees.

So parents have those cameras at the ready to capture our youngsters in full “swing”.

Information packs and consent forms will be distributed in the next week. Please could all consent forms be returned as soon as possible before 16 September 2016. Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to participate if a consent form is not completed.

If anyone has any questions regarding the event or would like to sign up (spaces still available)please speak to Lianne Pye as soon as possible.

We’re sure it will be a fun filled event and we can’t wait to see our little ‘Tarzans’ in action!