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Junior League Superstars Strike Again!


- Gala Results, News

A huge well done to our little Junior Leaguers for another fantastic performance at Round 2 of the N & D Junior League competition.

The atmosphere was lifting as our youngsters battled it out to finish in an impressive 3rd place overall. A fabulous achievement from the Division one newbies, who showed they could not only hold their own with the big boys but could come out on top.

Finishing with a total point score of 170,just one point ahead of their nearest rivals Tynemouth (but one point was all it took!), they came home tired but happy. Although I’m not sure who looked the most exhausted the swimmers or the parents after all the screaming!

But as always its onwards and upwards as we look to the final round being held on 8 May 2016 at Billingham.

Well Done Guys you did yourselves proud!