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Lost & Found! – Leftover Kit


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We have conducted a recent clear out of our kit storage cupboard ( a big thank you to those parents who volunteered to help do this!) and have found a number of  unclaimed items of kit, including fins, hand paddles & water bottles etc.

All unclaimed kit has been placed in black bags next to the racks in the cupboard. Please could we ask that if any swimmers are missing items of kit, that they check these to see if any items can be reunited with their owners.

In particular, we have a number of unclaimed water bottles, if these remain unclaimed by Sunday 6 March, they will be disposed of, so we would be greatly appreciate if swimmers could check these as soon as possible.

Please note that all kick bags have now been placed tidily on the racks in the cupboard, therefore please could we ask that swimmers help to keep this area tidy, by replacing their kick bags on the appropriate racks at the end of training (no throwing it in and hoping for the best… the cleaning fairies are well and truly on strike!)

As always we thank you for your help and support with this.