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Paying for gala entries

There are several ways to pay for gala entries and all are designed to make paying for galas as easy as possible. Simply pay the way which is easiest for you.

Paying by Credit or Debit Card

Paying for gala entries by credit or debit card is fast, easy and secure. You just log into your account and select any number of your gala entries to pay for. You can pay using Visa, Mastercard or American Express. We also support mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay which are fast and secure.

Refunds for rejected entries are refunded back to your original payment card as soon as we receive and process them making this the fastest way to get a refund.

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Paying as part of your monthly direct debit

If you haven’t paid for a gala entry by the time the gala coordinator has sent the entries to the club hosting the gala, we’ll add your entry fees to your next direct debit payment to pay automatically alongside your squad fees.

Refunds for rejected entries are added to your club account as a credit which will be discounted from the next direct debit payment. Credit rolls over if it is greater than the amount you would pay.

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Alternative payment methods

You can still currently pay by cash or cheque if required.