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All Parents Must Register for a Chester-le-Street ASC Account

We’ve recently been distributing information sheets with intructions on how to add your swimmers to your Chester-le-Street ASC account. If you have not yet signed up, you must do so as soon as possible.

Signing up and connecting your swimmers is important because;

  • It allows you to enter galas online, including our club Christmas Gala
  • Allows us to keep in touch with you by email about your squads
  • Enables you to update;
    • Your swimmer’s information
    • Your swimmer’s medical information
    • Your swimmer’s photography permissions
  • Allows you to see attendance as a percentage for each of your swimmers.
  • Add emergency contact details
  • Renew your membership online

We’re also currently working on new features which will enable you to

  • Pay squad, CrossFit and gala fees by Direct Debit

If you have any questions, please contact

Full Results – Durham Valentines Gala

Here are the full results for the Durham Valentines Gala

Match Day car parking at the Sunderland Aquatic Centre

The Manager of the Sunderland Aquatic Centre has been informed by the Head of Security at the Stadium of Light, there is a change to the parking arrangements at the Stadium of Light on match days, with immediate effect. This is due to a big increase in the number of sporting
clubs and hotel usage of the facilities and the limited number of parking spaces now available. Therefore, the arrangements for match days only will be as follows:

  • All swimmers and coaches on the Performance Programme will be permitted to park in the yellow carpark, however all cars must be moved by 10.30am at the latest.
  • For hub swimmers you will now have to find alternative parking off site as no public parking will be available at the time of your arrival.
  • For hub coaches you have permission to park in the blue carpark, with your permit, providing car parking spaces are available.
  • There are a number of carparks surrounding the Stadium of Light which are a short walk to the pool.
  • Drop offs are still permitted.
  • All previously issued permits have to be shown on entrance to the carpark and displayed clearly.

Failure to comply with these arrangements may result in problems for future parking. NDSA would be grateful if you could comply.

Kick League, Thursday 14 February

Fastest times for 4x200m Freestyle kick on 5 minutes. Kick League takes place on the second Thursday of every month.

  • Thomas English – 2:55
  • Tom Brumwell – 2:58
  • Lauren Graham – 3:13
  • Harry Nicholson – 3:19
  • Naomi Sheavills – 3:20
  • Jamie McCormick – 3:22
  • Blake Hooper – 3:23
  • Matthew Hunt – 3:24
  • Millie Foster – 3:25
  • Jessica Wright – 3:26
  • Katie Palmer – 3:27
  • Hannah Wright – 3:28
  • Joe Fairbairn – 3:47
  • Eleana Purvis – 3:29
  • Ben Ward – 3:31
  • Charles Simpson – 3:36
  • Eve Foster – 3:36
  • James Davidson – 3:39
  • Lydia Hall – 3:41
  • Oliver Dodsworth – 3:58
  • Natasha Rice – 3:58
  • Taryn Wheat – 2:38
  • Ella Hall – 4:00
  • Luke Turnbull – 4:00
  • Jess Sowerby – 4:00
  • Hollly Bodinner – 4:09
  • Zahra Turnbull – 4:13
  • Jacob Openshaw – 4:21
  • Devin Creighton – 4:28
  • Aimee Latham – 4:58
  • Eryna Creighton – 5:00

Invitation to Charity Night

Eily, the daughter of E squad coach Vicki Piggot is fundraising to go to Indonesia through a charity night. Read more below…

Additional Pre-Pool Programme

Brad has written a new pre-pool programme called the Pre-Pool Pump to supplement the existing pre-pool workout.

This new workout,

  1. Does not contain static stretches and has limited flexibility work. This may be favoured by those whom are adequately flexible, those in a rush or younger swimmers.
  2. This routine can be done in 5 minutes and unlike the other pre pool, has to be completed rep-for-rep in the allocated times, exactly, with no deviation.

You can download this pre-pool workout now (you will need to log in to your club account). We recommend that you print it off for your swimmers.

Safer Internet Day: Keeping your swimmers safe online

This Safer Internet Day we’re updating parents with guidance from the Swim England Safeguarding Guide (called Wavepower) so that they can make sure their children stay safe online.

It is important that parents ensure that their swimmers understand the club and Swim England policies on social media and that their swimmers know what is right and wrong to post on social media. You should talk to your children regularly about their use of social media.

Swim England recognises that the use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and instant messaging tools such as WhatsApp and Snapchat, continue to grow rapidly and are increasingly being used as the communication tools of choice by young people.

Whilst these technologies provide exciting opportunities for our members, they are accompanied by dangers and negative consequences if abused by users.

For example swimmers on social media should not;

  • Request to become friends with a coach or club volunteer who is 18 or over. (Coaches and volunteers are obliged to reject any friend requests they receive from underage members).
  • Post or send any photographs or make comments that;
    • May be hurtful, untrue or upsetting or that you may regret sharing later on.
    • May be used by other people in a way you did not intend or want.
    • Other people may find inappropriate.
  • Swimmers must never post images of other members taking part in your organisation’s training, activities or events as you may breach the ASA Photography
    Guidance (see Wavepower p. 76). Club officials can however do this because they have access to the photography consent forms.
  • Always be aware that social networking sites are a method of communication like letter writing and the spoken word. They are bound by the same laws and rules. The delivery of social networking content is instantaneous and this can sometimes result in users reacting in the ‘heat of the moment’, and your content/comments may spread far from that of your own social network of friends. This is a major difference between the present and the past in which you would have written a letter which would have taken time and allowed for you to think again before sending. So never place a comment on the internet that you would not put in writing or say out loud to someone. To do so may breach Swim England Policy and also the law.

Swimmers should always try to;

  • Use the internet positively and not place themselves at risk. Have a look at THINK U KNOW for some useful tips.
  • Consider who you are inviting to be your friend and follow the good advice of the social networking sites to ensure make sure you are talking to the person you believe you are talking to.
  • Always remember that any communication, comments, photos and video clips posted on a social networking site may be shared with more people than you originally intended.

There have been occasions at some Swim England clubs where parents of members have used social networking sites to criticise or verbally abuse an organisation, its officers, officials, coaches, teachers, and/or members in an inappropriate and unacceptable manner. This has, in some cases, led to the person who is the subject of the abuse to take action through statutory agencies or statutory legislation to address the comments made. Parents must remember that they are bound by the parental code of conduct and could face the same disciplinary action as our swimmers.

Contact if you have questions or complaints. If you think a child is at serious risk, you should contact the Swim England Swimline on 0808 100 4001.

Swimmers for the Northumberland and Durham County Team Championships

Here are the swimmers who have been selected for the Northumberland and Durham County Team Champonships, which will be held at the Sunderland Aquatic Centre on Saturday 9 March.

  • Amelia Kelsey
  • Amelia Simpson
  • Ben Palmer
  • Ben Ward
  • Blake Hooper
  • Charles Simpson
  • Chloe McCarthy
  • Chris Heppell
  • Colby McKim
  • Corben Hall
  • Devin Creighton
  • Elena Purvis
  • Ella Hall
  • Ellen Haswell
  • Eve Foster
  • Finlay Barton
  • Grace Jackson
  • Hannah Wright
  • Harry Nicholson
  • Jacob Davison
  • James Davison
  • Jess Wright
  • Jessica Sowerby
  • Joe Fairbairn
  • Joe Foster
  • Katie Palmer
  • Logan Carr
  • Luke Turnbull
  • Lydia Hall
  • Matthew Hunt
  • Millie Foster
  • Naomi Sheavills
  • Natasha Rice
  • Oliver Dodsworth
  • Sophie Angus
  • Thomas English
  • Tom Brumwell
  • Zahra Turnbull

All swimmers must arrive by 07:40 for the pre-pool warmup before the morning session and 12:40 for the afternoon pre-pool warmup. Swimmers must wear club kit and wear a club hat in the pool.

No nuts, phones or other electronic equipment may be brought poolside. The turnaround of events is very fast and swimmers must stay with the squad until lunchtime. Swimmers are not allowed into the parents area.

If any swimmers are unable to attend, they must give Gary Renshaw at least 48 hours notice so a replacement swimmer can be sought. You can contact the club via email at

Full Results – Burns Meet 2019

Here are the full results for the Burns Meet.

Payments by Direct Debit

It’s come to our attention that some parents have not cancelled their standing orders after setting up a direct debit mandate.

You must ensure that you cancel your standing order otherwise you will end up paying us twice.

  • A standing order is an instruction you give to your bank to pay you a fixed amount at regular intervals whether this is weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.
  • With Direct Debit, you authorise us to collect money directly from your bank account whenever a payment is due. Direct Debit payments can vary in frequency and amount.

Please contact us via if you have any questions or have double paid.

Session Cancellations in March

Due to coaches CPD and further education within the sport, all main pool sessions and small pool lessons on Sunday 3 March and Sunday 17 March will be cancelled.

We do apologise in advance for the disruptions but it is an unfortunate coincidence that the training falls on Sundays during Squad times.

Sessions on Saturday 9 March will be cancelled due to the Northumberland and Durham County Team Championships at Sunderland.

Chester le street ASC does hope that you fully understand our commitment to coaching your child, and accept the training is essential for both swimmers and coaches.

For C, D and E squads there is a small informal day gala available to enter on March 17 for those swimmers aged 8-12 years Please see website for details.