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All Parents Must Register for a Chester-le-Street ASC Account

We’ve recently been distributing information sheets with intructions on how to add your swimmers to your Chester-le-Street ASC account. If you have not yet signed up, you must do so as soon as possible.

Signing up and connecting your swimmers is important because;

  • It allows you to enter galas online, including our club Christmas Gala
  • Allows us to keep in touch with you by email about your squads
  • Enables you to update;
    • Your swimmer’s information
    • Your swimmer’s medical information
    • Your swimmer’s photography permissions
  • Allows you to see attendance as a percentage for each of your swimmers.
  • Add emergency contact details
  • Renew your membership online

We’re also currently working on new features which will enable you to

  • Pay squad, CrossFit and gala fees by Direct Debit

If you have any questions, please contact

Use your online log book during this lockdown!

Don’t forget that we still have swimmer log books available within the membership system.

Logging your activity in your log book allows our coaches to see what training you’ve been doing.

You can log both club activities, such as CrossFit and Metafit as well as any fitness activities you’ve done yourself, such as riding a bike or going for a run.

If you can’t remember how to use your log book, help documentation is available on the SCDS Help and Support website.

Membership renewal for 2021 is now open

Membership renewal for 2021 is now open on the club membership system. While we may not be able to swim for now, the Swim England renewal deadline is still the start of February.

The renewal period is open from Thursday 31 December 2020 to Monday 25 January 2021. The renewal process is simple and straightforward. Please ensure you and your swimmers read the code of conducts before moving onto the next section.

This year, as well as letting you pay your renewal fees as part of your next direct debit payment, we’re also providing the option to pay by credit or debit card (we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express and also support Apple Pay and Google Pay). Simply choose how you want to pay when you reach the membership fees page.

If you need help renewing your membership, please contact us via

IMPORTANT: Health Survey and Risk Awareness forms

This is a reminder to all parents that before we return to training next week we need you to submit a Health Survey and Risk Awareness form for all of your swimmers.

Please visit the membership system to complete the forms. Completing these forms is a Swim England requirement.

You should do this as soon as possible, as we need to manually review all Health Surveys before we return to training. You will be sent an email when we have approved your Heath Survey.

Return to pool plan

Durham County Council are provisionally saying that the leisure centre will reopen on 2 December, with our club returning on Thursday 3 December.

There will however be further meetings between the club and Durham County Council to discuss any matters relating to the impact of Tier 3 on training.

Squads that include metafit as part of their land training plan will continue to do these sessions online. These sessions are available at;

  • 10:00 on Sundays
  • 17:30 on Tuesdays
  • 17:30 on Thursdays

The Tuesday and Thursday metafit sessions are optional extras, kindly being provided to us by Bunny for free while training remains online. These will only run while metafit is carried out online.

CrossFit will return to the CrossFit centre as normal.

Members over the age of 11 must wear a face covering on arrival at the leisure centre and must wear these in all communal areas. All swimmers must arrive “beach ready”.

poolside drying is recommended after sessions as limited availability of changing rooms is expected. There is no access to showers.

Parents must complete the Swim England Return to Training and Risk Awareness forms on the membership system before we return. Please do this as soon as possible because we need to review your Return to Training form. Coaches can see whether you have completed these forms on squad registers and will refuse entry to those who have not completed them.

Level X – Series 1, Session 2, 3 and 4 Results

Full results for Level X Session 2, and partial results for Sessions 3 and 4, which were partially brought forward.

Level X – Series 1, Session 1 Results

Full results for Session 1 of Level X Series 1 at Chester-le-Street ASC.

Level X – Draft Programme

The programme above is a draft programme. Events may be swum in a different order on the days listed and swimmers will be split into two groups to allow us to meet social distancing requirements.

Level X has arrived at Chester-le-Street ASC

Level X Racing Logo

Level X is an exciting new racing series from Swim England which allows you to compete against swimmers from other clubs. You’ll be racing for time against members from other clubs for a place on the Level X leaderboards.

Entries are now open via the galas section of the membership system.

At Chester-le-Street ASC, our schedule is as follows;

  1. Saturday 31 October
    1. 100 Back
    2. 100 Breast
    3. 50 Free
    4. 50 Fly
    5. 100 IM
  2. Saturday 7 November
    1. 100 Fly
    2. 100 Free
    3. 50 Back
    4. 50 Breast
  3. Saturday 21 November
    1. 200 Fly
    2. 200 Back
    3. 200 IM
  4. Saturday 28 November
    1. 200 Breast
    2. 200 Free
  5. Saturday 12 December
    1. 400 Free
    2. 400 IM

On each day, subject to demand and so that we can meet COVID-19 rules, we will split members into two groups with one group swimming at 07:00 until 09:00 and another at 15:00 until 17:30.

Learn more on our Level X pages.

We’re back!

Welcome back! It’s been a while.

We know everyone is very excited to be back. We’ll be sharing our plans with our members by email very soon, with pool sessions back soon!

Swim England update guidance after lockdown restrictions eased

Swim England has issued new recommendations on land training and open water club activity after the coronavirus lockdown was eased by the Government.

From Monday 1 June, Government guidelines allow groups of up to six people from different households in England to meet outside.

This opens up the opportunity for outdoor land training with one coach and five athletes, for example.

Swim England can confirm that insurance cover will apply as long as clubs and their members are adhering to the Government guidelines and the national governing body’s latest land training guidelines are followed.

This includes coaches only delivering activity for which they have been trained and clubs ensuring that they have acquired the relevant permit, if necessary, for the outdoor space they are using.

Additionally, Swim England has issued specific guidance on open water swimming training for clubs.

This outlines how in certain circumstances, where it is safe to do so, clubs will be able to run open water training sessions in small groups of up to six (including the coach).

Coaches must have an appropriately recognised open water coaching qualification, such as the Swim England Qualifications Level 2 Coaching Open Water Swimming Qualification.

If this is not the case, then the club’s Swim England insurance policy will be void.

Ever-evolving guidance

A Swim England spokesperson said: “In all instances, risk assessments must be carried out and risk management put in place covering Covid-19 requirements and participant/coach safety.

“Please note, these are ever-evolving documents which take into account the most up-to-date Government guidelines which have been set out.

“Risk assessments are key to evidencing that the risk is being assessed and managed and this is something that the Government has highlighted must be taking place.

“It is essential that the club record and evidence that they are working to and controlling the social distancing measures expected by the Government.

“It is also important to remember that should any member act illegally, criminal actions would not be insured by the insurance policy.

“This includes breaking the Government lockdown restrictions and social distancing requirements.”

This article first appeared on the Swim England website,