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All Parents Must Register for a Chester-le-Street ASC Account

We’ve recently been distributing information sheets with intructions on how to add your swimmers to your Chester-le-Street ASC account. If you have not yet signed up, you must do so as soon as possible.

Signing up and connecting your swimmers is important because;

  • It allows you to enter galas online, including our club Christmas Gala
  • Allows us to keep in touch with you by email about your squads
  • Enables you to update;
    • Your swimmer’s information
    • Your swimmer’s medical information
    • Your swimmer’s photography permissions
  • Allows you to see attendance as a percentage for each of your swimmers.
  • Add emergency contact details
  • Renew your membership online

We’re also currently working on new features which will enable you to

  • Pay squad, CrossFit and gala fees by Direct Debit

If you have any questions, please contact

We’re back!

Welcome back! It’s been a while.

We know everyone is very excited to be back. We’ll be sharing our plans with our members by email very soon, with pool sessions back soon!

Swim England update guidance after lockdown restrictions eased

Swim England has issued new recommendations on land training and open water club activity after the coronavirus lockdown was eased by the Government.

From Monday 1 June, Government guidelines allow groups of up to six people from different households in England to meet outside.

This opens up the opportunity for outdoor land training with one coach and five athletes, for example.

Swim England can confirm that insurance cover will apply as long as clubs and their members are adhering to the Government guidelines and the national governing body’s latest land training guidelines are followed.

This includes coaches only delivering activity for which they have been trained and clubs ensuring that they have acquired the relevant permit, if necessary, for the outdoor space they are using.

Additionally, Swim England has issued specific guidance on open water swimming training for clubs.

This outlines how in certain circumstances, where it is safe to do so, clubs will be able to run open water training sessions in small groups of up to six (including the coach).

Coaches must have an appropriately recognised open water coaching qualification, such as the Swim England Qualifications Level 2 Coaching Open Water Swimming Qualification.

If this is not the case, then the club’s Swim England insurance policy will be void.

Ever-evolving guidance

A Swim England spokesperson said: “In all instances, risk assessments must be carried out and risk management put in place covering Covid-19 requirements and participant/coach safety.

“Please note, these are ever-evolving documents which take into account the most up-to-date Government guidelines which have been set out.

“Risk assessments are key to evidencing that the risk is being assessed and managed and this is something that the Government has highlighted must be taking place.

“It is essential that the club record and evidence that they are working to and controlling the social distancing measures expected by the Government.

“It is also important to remember that should any member act illegally, criminal actions would not be insured by the insurance policy.

“This includes breaking the Government lockdown restrictions and social distancing requirements.”

This article first appeared on the Swim England website,

‘We are moving forward in a positive way but a trip to the pool will be very different’

Swim England chief executive Jane Nickerson gives an update on the reopening guidance, articles in the national media and why a trip to the pool will be very different when lockdown is eased.

In two weeks’ time, we shall be releasing detailed guidance on the reopening of pools.

You may have seen articles in the media over the weekend which highlighted some of the recommendations that are likely to be in the report.

We make no excuse for talking to the national press. We want Swim England and all our aquatic disciplines to be at the forefront of the Government’s thinking as they plan for the next stage of easing the lockdown.

We revealed details to try and manage expectations of what is likely to happen if – and it still is an if – pools do reopen, as we hope they will, on 4 July.

At this time, we are bound by the Government on when we’ll be able to get back to the sports we all love.

One thing is clear – initially things aren’t going to be the same when pools do reopen.

We will have to adhere to social distancing guidelines in changing rooms, the poolside and the water itself as well of the rest of the building and be more mindful of our surroundings

Some pools may request that there are fewer non-swimming individuals dryside to help them comply with these guidelines.

Extremely comprehensive

Rest assured, though, children will continue to be welcomed into pools to learn to swim and enjoy the water safely.

Our aim is to ensure this guidance is extremely comprehensive and covers the wide range of pool users.

To achieve that goal, we have been consulting closely with Public Health England, Sport England, leisure operators, home country partners and a panel of representatives from clubs, swim schools, volunteers and other key stakeholders across the country.

I would like to reassure you this consultation has been wide-reaching and that’s another reason why it hasn’t been rushed out.

For clubs, the guidance will help to guide their decisions and support them to take an approach that meets their needs and is appropriate and safe for their circumstances.

It will also highlight to everyone who visits a facility, for whatever reason, the constraints and major financial challenges that operators now face.

A trip to the pool will be very different when the Government gives facilities the green light to reopen.

Thankfully, we are moving forward in a positive way and the guidance being released on Monday 15 June is another step closer to achieving our long-awaited return.

Stay safe.

Jane M Nickerson

This article first appeared on the Swim England website,

Swim England statement on training in groups after lockdown restrictions eased

Swim England has issued the following statement after the coronavirus lockdown was further eased by the Government.

A spokesperson for the recognised national governing body said: “Swim England is seeking clarity from Government as to the extent of the easing of the lockdown that enables groups of up to six people from different households in England to meet outside.

“This raises the possibility that land training and open water training in small groups may be allowed and we are seeking further detail on this on behalf of our members which we expect to receive next week.

“Should this activity be permitted, we will issue guidance in due course to support our clubs and members.

“Clubs should not undertake this form of training until we have further information and guidance has been issued.”

2020 Regional Short Course Swimming Championships Cancelled

The North East Regional Swimming Championships due to be held at Ponds Forge, Sheffield on the 7 & 8 November 2020 have been cancelled.

A Swim England Leadership Group statement reads:

Dear Regional Chairs, Swimming Managers and Licensing Officers,

As we are sure you are aware, on Wednesday 27th May Swim England issued a statement cancelling all  national events scheduled to take place in latter part of 2020.

In respect of swimming, this included the Swim England National Winter Championships, traditionally the culmination of the domestic short course swimming season. Last week, FINA also announced that the 15th World Swimming Championships (25m) would take place one year later than planned, in December 2021.

It is somewhat superfluous to state that all of the above actions are responses to the uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

In light of the above information, the Swim England Swimming Leadership Group considers that it will be neither possible nor practical to stage regional swimming championships in early November of this year.  After very careful consideration, the group has determined that regional short course championships will not take place in 2020.

The group has also decided that no competition licences will be issued at levels one or two for the remainder of 2020. Meets that have already been granted licences for forthcoming events in 2020 at levels one and two will have the option to be downgraded to level three or four in the first instance.

Swim England will be writing to the limited number of promoters whose meets fall in to this category to inform them of this change.

Notwithstanding the above information, it should be kept in mind that licensing at all levels remains suspended until further notice, with all currently issued licences being provisional in status. The Swim England Swimming Leadership Group will issue a timeline for the resumption of competition, licensed or otherwise, including Masters, once appropriate information is known. The group has adopted this stance, rather than suspending all competition until an arbitrary date, as its members are keen to see the competitive element of our sport return as soon as it is safe and reasonably practicable to do so.

Swim England announces all remaining national events in 2020 are cancelled

Swim England has announced all its remaining national events in 2020 have now been cancelled.

The decision has been taken to allow the recognised national governing body to start planning for its competitions in 2021.

It will also ensure athletes do not rush back to full fitness and potentially put themselves at the risk of injury when pools are eventually reopened.

Swim England had already called off events in all disciplines until the end of August because of the Covid-19 pandemic  – which included the National Summer Meet.

Now it has been confirmed the following national competitions will not take place:

  • September: Swim England Open Water National Masters Championships (Nene Park, Peterborough)
  • October: Swim England National County Team Championships (Ponds Forge); Swim England Masters National Championships (Ponds Forge)
  • November: Swim England Water Polo National Age Group Championships U15s Finals (Ponds Forge); Swim England Artistic Swimming National Masters Championships (K2 Crawley); Swim England Masters Swimming Inter County Team Event (various venues)
  • December: Swim England Winter Championships (Ponds Forge).

George Wood, Swim England Director of Sport Development, said: “We know our athletes will be saddened to hear we’ve called off the remainder of our events this year – we’re extremely disappointed too.

“It was a decision we deliberated long and hard over but felt that with the current uncertainty still surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, and with no knowledge as to when mass gatherings will be allowed, we were better off starting to prepare for next year’s competitions.

Plan for the future

“We appreciate open water swimming is currently taking place but it would be difficult to stage the National Masters Championships due to the social distancing measures that are in force.

“We hope our members, clubs and competitive athletes in all disciplines will all be back in pools soon, enjoying the sports they love.

“But we have to be realistic and understand that getting ready for competitive action isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight, which was also a factor in our decision.

“Now at least we can start to plan for the future.”

The issuing of event licences is currently suspended and will continue to be so until further notice.

Any licences that have already been issued are provisional in status.

The Swim England Discipline Leadership Groups will publish guidance for the reintroduction of competition, licensed or otherwise in their respective discipline once appropriate information is known.

Meanwhile, the Swim England National Awards, which was scheduled to take place in November, has also been cancelled.

Swim England announces when guidance for reopening pools will be published

Robust guidance to help the aquatics sector prepare for the reopening of pools will be released by Swim England on Monday 15 June.

The recognised national governing body has been working in collaboration with industry partners to produce the detailed document.

It has been developed in consultation with Sport England and Public Health England for all areas of aquatic activity, including pool operations, learn to swim plus community and club swimming.

There is also specific information for all the aquatic disciplines – swimming, diving, artistic swimming and water polo.

Jane Nickerson, Swim England Chief Executive, said: “Government guidance clearly states that pools in England cannot reopen before 4 July and it is still unknown whether that will be the date that this happens – that is a decision for the Government.

“However, we want to be in a position where the aquatic sector has clear, effective and high quality guidance to support its preparation for reopening.”

The work is being led by the Swim England team, who are consulting with key stakeholders such as leisure operators and home country partners, to ensure the guidance is practical and applicable.

Grateful for the support

A Review Group is also in place, with specialists from within Swim England and a range of partner organisations to ensure that the information is as robust as possible.

The final draft will be made available to sector organisations for comment before it is finalised.

Also in the documentation are details around pool programming, observing social distancing, pool water treatment, air handling and circulation, risk assessment tools around social distancing and the customer journey.

Jane added: “I am grateful for the support that we are receiving from so many of our partners in the development of this guidance.

“We know it will evolve over time based on the emerging scientific and government information but we want to make sure that we have the best possible starting point, taking into account our own specific conditions and challenges.”

The guidance information will be released by midday on Monday 15 June and will be in a format which can be updated as more scientific knowledge and data is obtained.

Update on Junior League 2020

Due to the restrictions which will be in place until at least July, the remaining Junior League heats have been cancelled.

The Junior League Committee still hope that the final in September can go ahead. The final would mean promotion and relegation apply as normal.

Swimming training suspended

Following a change in the advice given by Swim England, Durham County Council have announced the closure of Chester-le-Street Leisure Centre from tonight to both the public and clubs that use its facilities. Gateshead MBC has also closed Birtley Swimming Centre. Castleview School have closed their pool from Friday 20 March.

This means that all swimming training has been cancelled.

We currently expect CrossFit on Saturday to go ahead as normal.

We are putting together a contingency plan for A, B1, B2 and B3 squads. This will be sent out as soon as possible and we expect it to start from Monday 23 March.

We are hoping to be able to put together a plan for Small Pool C, D and E squads but we can not confirm this just yet.

Please do not cancel your direct debit mandate with us. These are uncertain times but if we need to make any changes to squad fees, they can be done automatically by ourselves at any time up to 1 April.

We’re deeply sorry to all members for disruption to training and we will be in touch again soon.

OLD NEWS: Training is going ahead

This is an old post. The information contained here is no longer correct.

Training is currently going ahead as normal however parents must not view training from the balcony. As an emergency short term measure, we are suspending the requirement for parents of young children to remain on site as we have emergency contact details on file. This means we are asking parents to drop off children and pick them up at the end of sessions.

Please make sure you actively check your email during sessions as we will send an email to all parents of a squad if a session is to end early.

Parents of small pool swimmers will still be able to attend training as they are behind the screen.

We have been following Swim England guidance which currently states that training can continue. They believe that chlorine helps to kill the virus so it can only be transmitted in air.

If you experience any of the symptoms, you and your household must isolate for 14 days.

We will send emails to all parents if there are any changes to the current situation.