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All Parents Must Register for a Chester-le-Street ASC Account

We’ve recently been distributing information sheets with intructions on how to add your swimmers to your Chester-le-Street ASC account. If you have not yet signed up, you must do so as soon as possible.

Signing up and connecting your swimmers is important because;

  • It allows you to enter galas online, including our club Christmas Gala
  • Allows us to keep in touch with you by email about your squads
  • Enables you to update;
    • Your swimmer’s information
    • Your swimmer’s medical information
    • Your swimmer’s photography permissions
  • Allows you to see attendance as a percentage for each of your swimmers.
  • Add emergency contact details
  • Renew your membership online

We’re also currently working on new features which will enable you to

  • Pay squad, CrossFit and gala fees by Direct Debit

If you have any questions, please contact

Sessions have now ended for the summer

All training sessions have now ended for the summer break.

All sessions start again on Monday 2 September.

The youngest member of Team GB says World Transplant Games are a chance to take on “whole entire world”

The World Transplant Games are coming to the North East this summer. Celebrated as the second chance of life, the Games demonstrate the success of transplant surgery and promote awareness of organ and tissue donation.

This year 2,237 athletes from 60 countries will be taking part in 15 sports across Tyneside and Wearside, including archery, athletics, tennis and even a virtual triathlon.

Phoebe Pace is Team GB’s youngest competitor.

This nine-year-old swimmer from Gateshead is rearing to compete in the pool against athletes from all over the world.

“Every single country you can think of it, it’s actually 63 countries”, she says. “So it’s basically 63 countries of this whole entire world that I’m competing against.”

Changes to the way we report squad fees on your monthly statement

We’re changing the way our systems report your squad fees as part of your monthly statement*.

Until now squad fees have simply been listed as a single item for all of your swimmers with just one amount. From September the fees for each swimmer will be listed as an individual item.

If you qualify for any discounts because you have three or more swimmers, this will now be shown as a credit on your statement making the discount you recieve clear.

There are no changes to the discounts offered to large families.

*Your monthly statement details the fees that make up your monthly direct debit payment.

Full Results for Gateshead and Whickham Gala

Here are the full results for the weekend’s Gateshead and Whickham Gala.

Kick League, Thursday 11 July

Fastest times for 5x200m Freestyle kick on 5 minutes. Kick League takes place on the second Thursday of every month.

  • Thomas – 3.03
  • Naomi – 3.17
  • Blake – 3.17
  • Harry – 3.18
  • Millie – 3.19
  • Elena – 3.23
  • Jacob – 3.26
  • Katie – 3.29
  • Leo – 3.33
  • Eve – 3.35
  • Colby – 3.37
  • Lydia – 3.42
  • Ella – 3.45
  • Natasha – 3.50
  • Holly – 3.52
  • Devin – 3.55
  • Oliver – 3.57
  • Eryna – 4.00
  • Luke – 4.10
  • Zahra – 4.14
  • Owen – 4.20

Junior League results after all rounds

Here are the results after all rounds of the 2019 Junior League. Qualifying teams go forward to finals which are to be held at Tynemouth Pool on 15 September.

Division 1

  1. Tynemouth, 17 points
  2. Newcastle Swim Team, 16 points
  3. Borough of Stockton, 12 points
  4. Gateshead and Whickham, 12 points
  5. Middlesbrough, 10 points
  6. Sunderland, 9 points
  7. Aqua Force Hartlepool, 5 points
  8. Chester-le-Street ASC, 3 points

Chester-le-Street ASC are relegated to Division 2. The top six clubs have gone forward to the finals.

Division 2

  1. Darlington, 18 points
  2. Morpeth, 16 points
  3. South Tyneside, 14 points
  4. Alnwick Dolphins, 10 points
  5. Durham City, 10 points
  6. Richmond Dales, 8 points
  7. Derwentside, 0 points (did not compete)

Derwentside ASC are relegated to Division 3. All other clubs go forward to the finals. The club which wins at the finals will be promoted to Division 1.

Division 3

  1. North Tyneside, 17 points
  2. Thornaby, 14 points
  3. Hetton, 12 points
  4. Consett, 11 points
  5. Eston, 6 points

All clubs in this division go forward to the finals. The club which wins at the finals will be promoted to Division 2. No clubs can be relegated from this division.

Find out more about the junior league on our junior league website.

Changes to the way you pay for gala entries

As has been mentioned by email, we’re changing the way you pay for gala entries which means in future you’ll pay for gala entries as part of your direct debit.

You can find out more about this on our help and support website. If you have any questions please contact

The Direct Debit Guarantee applies to all direct debit payments to Chester-le-Street ASC.

Accepted Entries for Gateshead and Whickham Gala

Here are the accepted entries for the Gateshead and Whickham Gala.

Report any errors to

Congratulations to this year’s National Qualifiers

Congratulations to the following swimmers who have qualified for nationals this year:

British Summer Championships

  • Thomas English
  • Millie Foster
  • Lauren Graham
  • Harry Nicholson

Swim England Summer Championships

  • Jacob Davison
  • Thomas English
  • Millie Foster
  • Harry Nicholson
  • Naomi Sheavills