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Making Payments by Bank Transfer

The club currently accepts cash or cheque payments and, we are now accepting bank transfers.

However we do ask you to send an email to with the following details to inform us of your payment:

  • Name of club member
  • the reference quoted on the bank transfer
  • the account name of the payer sending the bank transfer
  • the date bank transfer was sent
  • the amount sent
  • also what the payment is for e.g. swimshop, gala entries (please provide name of gala as well)

If you wish to enter a gala you can also pay via bank transfer but the gala entry form will need to be handed in to Joanne or Stuart Palmer with an additional email to be sent to

For our bank details, please email You will also be soon able to pay using Paym.

We’ll send you a confirmation when we have received your money.

We hope this will make it easier for us all however if you are not familiar with online banking we will of course happily accept payment by cash or cheque.