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Chester-le-Street Junior Meet 2019

About this gala

Chester-le-Street Leisure Centre
Cone Terrace

The Chester-le-Street Junior Meet returns for another year at the Chester-le-Street Leisure Centre.


  1. Session 1 (distance events)
  2. Session 2 (Saturday morning)
  3. Session 3 (Saturday afternoon)
  4. Session 4 (Sunday morning)
  5. Session 5 (Sunday afternoon)

Warm up and session start times

  1. Session 1 (distance events): 17:15 warm up, 18:00 start
  2. Session 2: 08:00 warm up, 09:00 start
  3. Session 3: TBC
  4. Session 4: 08:00 warm up, 09:00 start
  5. Session 5: TBC

Information for parents

How to enter the Chester-le-Street Junior Meet

Entries for the Chester-le-Street Junior Meet have now closed. No further entries will be accepted.

What is skins?

A skins event is an exciting series of back-to-back races which operate on a knockout basis, with the two remaining swimmers racing each other in a head-to-head final race. Swimmers qualify for the skins event by placing in the top six for the 200IM in the following categories;

  • Boys 12 and under
  • Girls 12 and under
  • Boys 13 and 14
  • Girls 13 and 14

Strokes are drawn out of a hat (usually in the form of coloured balls) and swimmers race 50 metres. The slowest swimmer is eliminated in each round.

Usually, two skins events are run at a time one or two minutes apart (alternating). The two events are usually different age groups. This gives swimmers very little rest and means it is a very fast and exciting event.

In the first round, swimmers are started normally with whistles from the referee and “take your marks” from the starter before the start signal. In all other rounds, swimmers are only given a ten second warning by the starter and then the start signal. Swimmers themselves must think carefully about how long they have on the blocks without false starting.

Prizes are offered for winners.

Information for other clubs

Staff from other clubs should contact in the first instance if they have any questions.