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Changes to Squad Fees from February 2019


- Notices

Squad fees will be changing from February 2019. This is the first time in just under three years that we have had to increase our squad fees and comes as we have to meet rising pool costs and other inflationary pressures.

As you will set up a direct debit mandate as part of your membership renewal, there will be no need to update standing orders. (Side note – Cancel your standing order after you have completed membership renewal).

If you want to calculate your monthly fee (including discounts for having three or more swimmers), use our Monthly Fee Calculator which has been updated to use the new fees.

Squad fees will be as follows;

  • A – £83
    • Inclusive of CrossFit and Metafit
  • B1 – £83
    • Inclusive of CrossFit and Metafit
  • B2 – £72
    • Inclusive of CrossFit and Metafit
  • B3 – £69
    • Inclusive of CrossFit and Metafit
  • C – £53
  • D – £43
  • E – £33
  • Dolphins – £32
  • Frogs – £32
  • Tadpoles – £32

In some special cases parents may need to pay squad fees by Cash, Cheque or Standing Order. In such cases a manual processing surcharge of £3 will apply to your total fee.

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