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Autumn 2018 Website Refresh Survey Results

You may have noticed that we’ve recently refreshed some parts of our website and as part of this have been running a survey to get your thoughts on the redesign. We would like to thank everyone who took part in that survey and would like to tell you what we’re doing to build on this.

Our New Homepage

Our main focus with this redesign is to put the latest club news right up front and centre for our members. We do this by devoting the full width of the page to displaying our latest posts, and by serving two different versions of our homepage.

A side by side comparison of the two different versions of our homepage

Two Homepages? Why?

Our website is aimed at two main groups of people, who are very different.

  1. First and foremost, we’re targetting our members, who generally want to get news or gala information from our website. This is why we’ve asked you to give us your comments on our refresh.
  2. Secondly we’re focussing on prospective members of the club, mostly through parents.

If you’re a club member, you don’t need or want to see a description of what our club is about; you already know. That’s why if you’re logged into your club account, we won’t show you it and we’ll just give you our latest news and galas.

If you’re not logged in to a club account, you’ll see some additional content which lets people know what our club is about. We would like to know what you think we should be saying to prospective members through our homepage – send an email to to let us know.

Why aren’t there images on the new homepage?

A common comment was one like this…

The lack of images make the site look very bland and if I was to open the page by mistake there would be no indication I was on swimming club website. If I was to visit the website researching the club the first impressions is that it is amateurish.

The simple answer to this is that we don’t have any up to date images to use. We’re continuing the evaluate the impact that removing images has had through our analytics tracking.

The New Masthead

The Masthead can best be descibed as “the red bit at the top of each page” and it helps us build up recognition.

Red Website Masthead

Reviews of the new masthead were broadly positive, with written comments stating that navigation now seemed to be easier. We also asked people to score the new masthead between 1 and 10, with 1 being “Very Unimpressed” and 10 being “Very Unimpressed”. The lowest score was three, but there was no written explanation as to what they though was wrong.

We’re satisfied with the performance of the new red masthead for now, but are continuing to review it.

“Some information is out of date”

The website is a lot better that other clubs, some information is out of date so needs checking and updating. Very functional.

Yes. Some informaton on our website is out of date. From time to time we do try our best to look through as much of our website as possible, but we’re not perfect. You can now alert us to any technical or factual errors really easily.

Whenever you spot an issue, scroll down to the grey footer at the bottom of any page and click on “Report an issue with this page”.

You can still let us know what you think

Our survey is still open for submissions. Alternatively, email us at, or comment below.