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Athlete & Parent and Guardian Workshops – Sunderland, February 2018


- Notices

In February 2018, the North East region will be running a number of workshops for parents/guardians and athletes at the Sunderland Aquatics Centre on a Saturday morning. To date, these will include:

  • Saturday 17th February 2018: Nutritional Foundations for Elite Swimmers delivered by Youth Sport Nutrition (There is a flyer at the bottom of the page). There will be two workshops delivered, one for athletes and one for parents / guardians and coaches. The same workshops will be repeated at different times in the morning to allow for all swimmers involved in the hubs and the Northumberland and Durham Performance Programmes to attend. Workshops will start at 08:45 am.
  • There will be no charge for any athlete from any aquatic club to attend the swimmers workshop however there is a £5 charge for parents / guardians or coaches who have no involvement with the hubs or Performance Programme. To book onto the workshops go to the ASA NER Website. As places are limited, please ensure you book to attend, even as an athlete.