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Parent/Member Communications


- News, Notices

We have spent a bit of time recently listening to feedback from parents and members with regards to club communications, and are planning on introducing a few tweaks &  improvements to the way in which we communicate with parents and swimmers over the coming weeks.

The most obvious one you will all see will be the installation of a new separate competition noticeboard in the spectator gallery, this smaller board will contain all our competition information, including our competition calendar, individual meet details, results and information for parents new to competing.

Our existing board will be used for notices, social and club events and fundraising, with the downstairs board only used to display permanent notices such as timetable information and contacts.

We are also planning to host a parent information session before Summer closure, as an Introduction to Competing for parents of those swimmers just starting on their competitive swimming journey, and those about to embark on it in the next few months.

Hopefully, this will enlighten parents on the joys of competitive swimming…what to expect, how to prepare & what to take etc…. Further details to follow.

We will also in the coming weeks be collecting email address information from those members who would like to be contacted via email, so that important squad information can be communicated as quickly as possible, and are looking into publishing a regular club newsletter (if we can find any willing victims.. sorry volunteers! to help us with this).

If anyone has any further suggestions or feedback on how we can improve our communications, or would like to get involved in club communications, please contact us on, we’d love to hear from you.