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Junior League Superstars!


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Team pic

Junior League Round 3

Well our little Junior League superstars did it again, finishing once again in 3rd place (with 179 pts) in the third and final round of the Junior League to secure their place in the Division One Final!

A fantastic result and a testament to the impressive teamwork on display at the event.

As always each and every team member gave it their absolute all, and a special mention has to go to those who joined the team last minute to cover for illness & injury, you were amazing!… and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Now we look to the final on June 12, and the traditional team costume parade… this year’s theme is… DRUM ROLL……

“CHESS… ter le Street JL Team”

That’s right our youngsters will be dressing up in black and white splendour  – further details to follow.

But for now as always a HUGE well done to our JL team and we wish you all the very best of luck in the final.

The Final Team Selection List will be published as soon as possible.

Junior League Round 3 Results