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Rag Bag Thanks!


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A big thank you to all who contributed to the Rag Bag Fundraiser,  so far we have raised over £130.00 with still more to come!

A fantastic result, and we’ve done our bit for the environment with all that recycling!

Although not everything donated could be accepted for the purposes of fundraising, we’ve made sure that everything was put to good use; so things like sleepwear, bedding and tablecloths were donated to the Children’s Society and anything else which couldn’t be used was taken to the Oxfam textile recycling banks – so nothing was wasted!

As it’s so easy to do, we’ve decided to do it as a permanent fundraiser.

Bags will be available for collection from the sweet shop every Friday.

So when you or family/friends need to offload your outgrown/outloved clothes & shoes, we will simply turn your clothes into cash for the club1

Just think…..

  • 1 Bag = 1 Swim Hat
  • 3 Bags = A Championship Competition Entry
  • 5 Bags = 1 Shirt

So bear us in mind the next time you need to get rid of anything and we will be more than happy to take it off your hands.

However, please could we ask that you only include the following items, as we are unable to accept any other items:

  • Wearable clothing and shoes
  • Belts, Bags, Hats & Accessories
  • Soft Toys

We are unable to accept SLEEPWEAR, BEDDING, TABLE LINEN ETC.

As always we thank you for your support and a HUGE WELL DONE on the money raised so far!