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New Bonus Ball Scheme – Team Kit Fundraiser


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We are pleased to announce plans to launch a club Bonus Ball Scheme on 7 November 2015, as a targeted fundraiser for team kit for our swimmers.

At Chester-le-Street ASC we boast some tremendously talented young athletes; whose hard work and commitment continue to make us proud as they deliver ever more impressive results, and as a club we want to recognise and reward these achievements a little bit more.

We also appreciate how expensive it is for parents of competitive swimmers and with this in mind, new fundraising plans are being developed and introduced to help and support parents and swimmers as much as we can.

As part of our plans to ‘rebrand’ our team image poolside (full details regarding this will be published separately); we are looking into a range of sustainable funding options to enable us to provide hats and subsidised kit for all our County, Regional and National Championship Qualifiers and League events.

BUT to do this we need your support!

One of our funding plans is to run a weekly Bonus Ball Scheme for our members. Numbers can be “purchased” for £1.00 per week, with half the money raised offered as weekly prize money ( up to a maximum of £25.00), the remainder to be put into a ‘funding pot’, specifically for the provision of team kit.

The more members who participate in the scheme, the greater the benefits for our swimmers (and the bigger the prize fund!)

So what are you waiting for, speak to Fiona Heppell today to purchase your number!

Full details of the scheme and rules of participation are available for download below.